Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences is the third-largest college in Lithuania with strong academic reputation. The initial target of the University of Applied Sciences is an ensuring of high quality of academic teaching and research facilities. The University of Applied Sciences focuses on study programs that lead to a profession. The graduates of the University of Applied Sciences gain professional Bachelor degree. The studies are practice orientated; students are able to successfully apply their knowledge in a real working environment.

In the 2016 study year 3206 students have been studying there; with the assistance of over 400 staff.

A University of Applied Sciences is ternary – consists of three faculties: Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Technologies and Faculty of Health Sciences. A variety of scientific research as well as different projects and consulting activities are executed here. Also plenty of contracted research on a ground of technologies, biomedicine, physical, social, humanitarian, arts are administrated.


The Faculty of Social Sciences offers study programmes in accounting, finance, administration of institutions, companies and tourism; logistics, sports & cultural events, business, welless servis management; as well as pre-primary and pre-school pedagogy. There are 899 students studying there.


The Faculty of Technologies provides programmes in different technical professions such as construction, mechanical engineering, geodesy, landscape design, informatics and informatics enginieering, food technology, transport logistics technologies, electric and automatic equipment and technical maintenance of automobile. There are 1058 students in this Faculty.


In the Faculty of Health Sciences students can choose general practice nursing, beauty therapy, physiotherapy, dental hygiene, dental assistant, dietetics as well as social work for their studies. There are 1055 students here.


On the 1 September, 2016, Rietavas Study Center was established, where study programmes of social and technology sciences are provided: electric and automatic engineering, technical maintenance of automobile, geodesy, agribusiness technologies, informatics enginieering, ornamental greenery,  accounting, and business management. There are 194 students here.


There are four business practical learning enterprises (BPLE) in a College where an activity of Business Company can be simulated. There are four typical departments: personnel, purchase, sales and marketing, finance and accounting in a BPLE. Everything is "real" in a BPLE (financial documents, agreements, tax tariffs, applying legal acts, currency exchange rates etc.).

The University of Applied Sciences is equipped with modern laboratories, libraries and other fitment.

University of Applied Sciences collaborates with number of educational institutions in different countries. It has an Erasmus University Charter (EUC) and is an active participant in the ERASMUS+. 


  • It is a non-profit seeking organization that has a status of a legal body, own management and a bank account;
  • It helps to maintain relationships with other colleges and universities;
  • It is a member of Lithuanian Student Council;
  • It helps to solve students’ problems and questions, participates in community meetings;
  • More information on: www.kvksa.lt 
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